Have you ever needed to relocate your business to a new premises?

Did it all go to plan or did it fall apart?

We all know that moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do in life. I have to tell you that moving your business, whether it’s going from from a desk in your bedroom or upgrading from a business incubator space into a larger more permanent location, can create just as much stress or even more.

There is so much for you to consider beforehand, and if you have a lease that is due to expire,  and you are under time pressure, then the clock will be ticking.

We found this very helpful infographic provided by Flexioffices. You can see some great tips and strategies for making the transition into to a new commercial property or a serviced office much easier.

The infographic shows you all the main stages that are involved in moving – first considering a move, then going through the planning stages and then finally your moving day – it’s great checklist and helps to make the process a lot more simple.


Moving Offices Infographic


The tip that I found the most useful was to have my team identify specific issues with the old space and how to resolve then in the new one.

What about you? Do let us know how this infographic has been useful to you by leaving a comment below.